With over 20 years providing content for language training institutions and teachers, we now offer online, interactive digital content for your website or e-learning platform. We also offer our own stand-alone platform if you are starting with online training.

What do you get?

Instant Practice is an online self-access tool which allows students to practise their listening on a daily basis.


Instant Practice is an online self-access tool which allows students to practise their listening on a daily basis.


50 /mo
  • 50 maximum number of users


100 /mo
  • 100 maximum number of users


250 /mo
  • 5000 maximum number of users
Your school have a e-learning platform (MOODLE, ATutor, Dokeos, TalentLMS, etc.) and you need an integration, SCORM or using your Authentication server (openID, CAS, LDAP, etc ). Please contact our SALES departament.

The content:

  • One level A / B / C every day (three total)
  • One Business every day
  • One Legal every monday
  • One Song every day
  • One Grammar exercise every day
31 exercises every week, modern and update content.

All of our plans include:

  • No Annual Fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • All our contents is made and check for language profesionals teachers
  • The content is real media based
  • Using various media sources, students are exposed to accents from the UK, US, Ireland and speakers from other countries

How can Instant Practice work for your organisation?

Today a language school needs to invest to develop any technologic project. We are experts in e-learning formation and content creation. Let's us improve your e-learning and technologic area.

The technology

We study and improve the new technologies in the formation area.

Tailored interface

We adapt the interface to your webpage so that the exercises appear to be running within your domain, although they are actually running on our server.


With a simple control panel to create users and groups and see students’ statistics the platform is very userfriendly.

Mobile friendly

The platform is created using HTML5 and CSS3 adapting perfectly to use on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.


Integracion con su sistema actual de elearning. Utilizas Moodle, ATutor, Dokeo, TalentLMS, etc. o quieres que nuestros sistema Autentique contra tu servidor.

About Us

Instant Practice has been supplying online, interactive content for educational institutions since 2006.

The content is created and prepared by TEFL professionals with decades of experience in the sector.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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